Comprehension Questions to Hatchet

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***Remember to write in complete, detailed sentences.

Chapters 1-51. Why is Brian visiting his father in Canada? How does Brian feel about his mother?
2. What is Brian's plan for landing the plane? What conclusions can you draw about Brian from the actions he takes before the crash?
3. What lesson does Brian recall from Mr. Perpich, his English teacher? How does the lesson help Brian as he sits beside the lake?
4. Sometimes Brian's thoughts go back to an earlier time, when he was with his mother. What effect do these "break" have on the story?
5. Are Brian's reactions to the pilot's death and the crash realistic? Does Brian seem like a real thirteen-year-old? Explain your answer.

Chapters 6-12
6. Where does Brian find shelter? Why does he consider the find lucky?
7. What does Brian see among the raspberry bushes? What does he learn from this experience?
8. What wild visitor helps Brian figure out how to build a fire? What does the fire mean to Brain?
9. What do you learn about Brian from his dreams and memories that you have not learned for other parts of the story?
10. What do you think Brian means when he tells himself that self-pity doesn't work?

Chapters 13-19 and Epilogue
11. What tools does Brian make and for what does he use them? How does this accomplishment make Brian feel about himself and his situation?
12. In what two ways does Brian measure time? Which way has the most meaning for him and why?
13. What causes Brian to have to rebuild his shelter twice? Why does Brian spend so much time on rebuilding?
14. The author spends more than two chapters describing Brian's trip out to the plane and back. What effect does this description have on you?
15. Why might Brian have mixed feelings about using some of the items in the survival pack.